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  • The "Twangit Babe" coozie is a new idea. It is a long neck coozie shaped like a t-shirt.  The shirt is black so the body image is really all you notice.  The "Twangit Babe" body is my conception and we are the only place in the world right now you can get anything like this. And now, the Twangit "Dude" and the Twangit "Bubba."
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    The new "Twangit Dude" and "Twangit Bubba" are now available

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    Top 10 reasons to buy the "Babe"

    1. If you shake her a little, you will probably get the only head you’re gonna get tonight.

    2. makes an excellent gift for your boyfriend,husband, or any other adolecent in      your family.

    3. You can talk with a beer in your hand and people will pay your hand.

    4. Would you rather look at tits and ass or some boring beer lable?

    5. The more you drink, the more you get to put your hands on her.

    6. The beer and coozie rests comfortably in your hand and the arm pits keep you from           dropping the beer while you are stearing your pickup.

    7. When your wife or your girlfriend says "get a grip on it" hand her the coozie.

    8. You may not be getting any, but she’ll make you drink more and you won’t care.

    9. The coozie looks so good you might find another use for it

    10. Tits and ass and beer are always a good combination.


  • Coozies are $5.00  Discounts available for multiple purchases. To order call 940-367-3547 or email twocapos(at)

  • The texture of the coozie material makes the skin on the body look extremely natural.